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Don’t be fooled by its size. St. Martins’ has a diverse variety of visitor attractions and hospitality venues, all of which offer unique and quality experiences. St. Martin’s vibrant and artistic community continue to inspire new and fresh ideas which maintain the islands individual appeal.

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St. Martins: Our Piece of Paradise

It goes without saying that St.Martins’ natural beauty is one of the key draws to the island, and surrounding yourself with its wild natural heathlands, white sand beaches and rugged cliff sides could easily be enough to satisfy the needs of any intrepid holidaymaker. Over the years however, the industrious¬†community of St.Martins have developed a diverse and creative selection of businesses and attractions in order to enhance the visitor experience and help tourists appreciate its beauty in an authentic and sustainable manner.

St. Martins, Isles of Scilly

Food & Beverage

What's on offer?

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St.Martin's Hotel

St.Martin's Hotel, Restaurant and Bar boasts a beautifully curated restaurant with a delicious and varied menu. Pop down one evening for a dinner you won't forget or a drink whilst the sun sets over Tean Sound.

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Seven Stones Inn

The Seven Stones Inn is St.Martin's beautiful and rustic pub which offers a great variety of wholesome pub food and local drinks, alongside all the old favourites too! Stop by to get a sense of the Seven Stones buzzing atmosphere.

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Polreath Tearoom

Whether you are looking for an evening meal a scone, jam and cream or a coffee and cake, Polreath Tearoom is a beautiful spot to stop, relax and enjoy a rest in their stunning Mediterranean style gardens. Keep an eye out for their various dinner nights too!

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The Island Bakery

Who can resist the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning? Order your morning loaf, pop up for a coffee or a sip of home made lemonade whilst you pick up your lunchtime pasty or your takeaway pizza. You most certainly won't be disappointed.

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Little Arthur Cafe

Little Arthur Cafe sports a great range of food, drinks and cakes that are available at all times of the day. Perched at the top of Higher Town and with stunning views over the Eastern Isles, this is a perfect spot for a tranquil dinner.

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Adam's Fish and Chips

This is your opportunity to sample St.Martin's finest catch. Adams fish and chips promises to deliver one of the freshest ocean to plate meals you can ask for. Battered or baked cod served alongside a pint of local cider? Perfect.


What can I do?

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Seal Snorkling Adventures

Want to get up close and personal with some of St.Martin's friendliest inhabitants? St. Martins Seal Snorkling promises you an experience that you will never forget, putting you face to face with the island's seal population.

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Churchtown Flower Farm

Churchtown Flower Farm work tirelessly all year round rotating their crop of beautifully scented flowers that they deliver all over the country. Churchtown would be delighted if you popped in and ordered a bunch of your own.

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Middletown Barn

This is what happens when you get a group of the islands most creative talents and put them into one room. The Middletown Barn Cooperative showcases some of the finest creative works our islanders have to offer.

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St. Martins' Watersports

St. Martins Watersports offers you the exciting opportunity to jump on a single or double kayak or paddle board and explore the beautiful and secluded coastline of St. Martins and The Eastern Isles for yourself.

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North Farm Gallery

If you are interested in seeing local artwork this is your opportunity to see for yourself some of the fantastic work of artists across Scilly and Cornwall. North Farm Gallery stocks a veriety of creative work that's well worth seeing.

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St. Martins' Vineyeard

St.Martin's Vineyard is a unique business that takes advantage of Scilly's Mediterranean-like climate to produce its own range of delicous wines. Pop down for a tour or a tasting and enjoy this beautiful and unique expereice.

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Fay Page Jewellery

Fay Page is one of St. Martins long running creatives. Fay has grown a expansive range of silver and gold jewellery that has become prestigious across the islands. Pop into her shop at Lower Town to see her work for yourself.

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St. Martins' Stores

St. Martin's Stores and Post office is a vital asset to the community. Offering many vital services incuding cash withdrawals, food and supplies, it is an essential stop for anybody staying on St. Martins for any length of time.

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Scilly Organics

Jonathan on St. Martins is proud to present his locally grown and totally organic fruits and vegetables which he has on sale in Middle Town. You could get more fresh produce if you tried, so make sure to pick up a bag.

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